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Nutrition & Healthy Body: Elementary School French/English Handbook

2020 - Lower Grades - Dr. C. Mackenzie LaCoste

The French Department of Hygie School offers French as a Foreign Language lessons according to the Modern Language and Common Core Standards Alignment (ACTFL) for lower grades (elementary school program).This program is designed to foster the development of the whole student encompassing social, physical, emotional, and cultural needs as well as academic welfare .

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How to Stay Healthy during Confinement.j

How to Stay Healthy during Confinement

2020 - Dr. C. Mackenzie & Dr. Matt LaCoste

Only with natural ingredients and mental routines, you will learn how to transform this frustrating time into an efficient and pleasant period that will allow you to develop great habits for your body and your mind. 
Grow your knowledge of eating healthy and develop a mindset to become stronger, healthier, and happier within a better lifestyle.

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